The fabric of our workday – or the ecosystem that we live and work in

… a social environment with sources of success and frustration

Our virtual ‘growth lab’, where we use AI to understand the context of events in the long run to react well in the moment

Our work or employment has a major impact on our ‘quality of life’. Not only because it fills a big part of the day, but also because it decides about chances to grow a life over time.

What is the contribution of ‘work’ on our quality of life, on our wellbeing? Wellbeing as a state, right now, has good sides and bad, we are hardly ever completely happy and relaxed.

To improve wellbeing we ask the question, which are the ‘things’ that happen during the day that pay into the good and into the bad? Which are the elements that make our life grow?

We should not forget that ‘wellbeing’ in itself cannot be a target. A tree that has never been challenged by a storm falls with the first wind. It is growing, with people not other than with trees. that is the ultimate sense, and it has to do with rooting. And that is something that makes us stay.

Looking like that, a company is not different to any other social structure, like a sports club or a political party. People go there and stay to grow. Grow in a social environment that provides good chances to grow, and to root oneself in an environment of others.

This is what I call an ecosystem, a social structure that enables people to grow and encourages them to root themselves. We know it from nature – it can be green and lush or brown and dry. We understand immediately if it prospers or dies.

It is good to know the difference. However, here we want to know about the ‘why’. We look for the logic behind it to create better conditions for each of us to grow, especially during our working ours. But not only, as life does not make sense in parts.

A gardener.

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